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Red Tent - Women Circle

19.30 - 21.30 Uhr, Praxis , Erding 10 Euro

We want to create a circle with other women to be who we are. To talk about things we really want to talk, to ask questions and to support each other.

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Full Moon Ritual

20 - 21 Uhr, Fireplace behind the Pfadfinderheim, Erding, 10 Euro

Under the full moon we light a fire to give thanks, what life is giving and teaching us.

We will enjoy the transforming and healing power of the fire.

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Journey Circle

20 - 21.30 Uhr, Pfadfinderheim, Erding 10 Euro

With the beat of the drum, mother  earths heart beat, we journey to our core.

Ask for your power animal, your angel or other helpers. Ask questions and find answers.


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Wheel of the year

Keeping the wheel of life turning by celebrating the sun festivals solices and equinox and the festivals inbetween those.


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Humans are living with appletrees for a long time and to celebrate in Janurary that apples keep us healthy through the winter is a long going tradition, which is coming back more and more.

After the twelve nights we gather in the orchard, around a warming fire, singing, laughing, telling storys and feasting on wonderful apple treats, followed by blessing the trees.



Healing Ceremony for Mother Earth and us ( weekend workshop)


we will open a sacred space to invite healing for mother earth and us.

We will work with the medicin wheel, movement, meditation and finally a ceremony for the earth.


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Medicine Wheel

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