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Change your story

Is there THE one truth?


I don't think so.


I believe there is your truth, now, in this place.

Someone else will have another truth, in a different place, at a different time.


Just leave the house? How is the weather? Is it warm, bright, windy..?

For someone else it might be different or at a different time.


Because it is that way, we can change our story of what happened. Looking at my story from a different perspective and actually changing my story.

We can't regrow the branch we have broken off that tree, but we can be aware of our mindlessness and forgive ourselves . So we can change our story and our feelings.

Scientists have proven that this is actually changing our brainstructure.


So, lets go and change our story, be kind to ourselves and forgive ourselves.

Magic is the willingness to cooperate with everything

There was fear in magic for me. Thinking of evil witches with black magic. Maybe the witchhunt is still deep in our bones.


But what is magic? What dpoes it mean to cooperate with everything? What is a magical moment?


Magic is when we let go of our mind and drop into our intuition.


When you leave the house or turn in just the right moment to see this stunnning rainboe or sunset....You have trusted your intuition, you listened to your heart and opend your senses for the beauty of the moment.

We will invite more magical moments into our lifes if we cooperate with everthing, leaving our mind behind for a while to follow our heart.



Sirence, the mourning friends?

Down in Italy, south of Napels, just a few miles out from the picturesque amalfi coast, there are three islands. It is said, that the sirense that Odysseus encountered have been sitting here singing, distracting bypassing seaman from their course and losing ship and life.


Were they cruel ? Would they distract on purpose?


going back to the stroies, I discovered it is said they were friends of Phersonphone, daughter of Demeter, die Godess of the Earth. Persophone fell in love with Zeus brother, hades and followed him to the underworld. (Her mum claimes she was robbed).

And ger freind as they can't find her ask for feasthers and wings to go and look for her.


There they sitt in that beautiful cost on thodse islands mourning the loss of their friend to love. They sing to rosess their loss to aknowledge and move on in their own lives.


aAs they sing and mourn the sailors are distracted, being reminded of their own unresolved story and their losses.


So they drown in their own emotions and the debth of the sea.


This might be the truth and maybe it is not. what do I know.


I wish you well, blessings on your path