Heal your story

Join us for the SHE-EDE - a four week Ecovillage Design Education course in Italy

Created to empower women to contribute to an alive, ecological, and peaceful society on Earth.


April 26 - May 25, in Magliano Sabina, Italy


We come together to heal and transform wounds, get inspiration from matriarchal societies, indigenous cultures and existing ecovillages, experience community among women in order to research:


How do we truly want to live on this Earth? How can we cooperate to make our dreams come true?

What can we learn from each other as women, as humans, as beings part of Nature?


It is now more than 20 years that I support healing and stories of empowerment.


I offer my tools for healing trauma, overwhelming experiences and crisis, like accident, traumatic birth experience, grief and loss . I support you on a joureny to reclaim your body and your feelings, to enjoy life and the chances and choises of life. 

I offer the work with the medicine wheel, from the shamic tradtion, as a tool of empowerment. Through experiencing the directions, within you and around you, you will find insight to what you need and what supports you.


Working with women is another highlight of my work. Feeling and living the beauty of our female body, being in touch with our intuition ,softness, power and in the healing circle of sisters is such a wonderful place i am delighted to share with you.

Let us suport, nurture us, reclaim your creative power to weave a network for all living beings to thrive.



Psychotherapy and Coaching


Circles, Wombhealing

Medicine path

über mich:



Heal your self and change the world I



I am happy to answer your questions

Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie
in Erding auf jameda

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