Who am I ?




My calling is to change the world by sharing my inspiration, my light with others.

 In that, healing for the individual is possible

and so the world is healing, one heart at a time.


My name is Cornelia Fey, I was born 1967 and I am married with two children.


I am a woman, mother, traumatherapist, medicine woman, ceremonialist, storyteller, magician, singer, adventurer and many more...


I love people, nature and life. I love challenges and life to the full.


I am holding circles to strengthen both the indiviual and the community and I am touched by the magic happening there.


2023 Training fot Trainers GEN

2023 SHE EDE Facilitation and Organisation of an FemaleCommunity training with GEN

2022 EDE Participation Community training with GEN Global Ecovillage Network

2020/21 Zoom moderation on various occations

2220/23 leading assistent Womentempletraining, Erweckte Weiblichkeit, Mayonah Bliss

2020 Fortbildung, the Work, nach Katie Byron

2020 Fortbildung, das innere Navi, Vivian Dittmar

2020 Inner Satnav (Working with feelings), Vivian Dittmar

2020 emotional baggage (Working with feelings), Vivian Dittmar

2019 Power of ceremony , Alberto Villoldo

2018 und 2019  Assistentrole, Erweckte Weiblichkeit, Mayonah Bliss

2017 Womentempletraining, Erweckte Weiblichkeit, Mayonah Bliss

2016 Storyteller Training, Sprechwerker, Munich

2016 Trickster Medicine Training, Caroline Casey

2010 - 2014 living in England, Medicine Work with Sue Moondragon und Annie Spencer.

2007 Start of my Shamanic Path, Medicine Wheel, Ritual and Ceremoy with Sue Moondragon

2002 Training in Systemic Traumatherapie / EMDR, ISGT, Gilching, Germany

2000 Starting my own practice

1998 Training to work as a professional healer (Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie) HeilAkad, Munich, Germany